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VENICE 1602. In this 2023, or 1602, a collective of artists was held in an exceptional location: in the exhibition spaces of the Hotel H10 Palazzo Canova, Riva del Vin 744 San Polo. The theme dedicated to this 1602 is "THE SPICE ROUTE". Ten artists, who will represent the theme, each create a work including the use of one or more spices to taste, mixing them with color, applying them on the still fresh work or in any other way, as best suggested by the artist's inventiveness . The theme of "LE SPEZIE" was chosen inspired by the trade that Venice possessed since the time of the Serenissima Republic; every artist is not necessarily linked to the spice itself but to the concept that the spice expresses and represents: for centuries the trade in spices has also been a means that has given the possibility to different cultures to come into contact and influence each other, contributing to enrich the heritage of art and beauty that we all admire today.

The novelty and exceptional nature of this exhibition lies in its originality – explains the president of NEXT Daniele Cellini – after the success for the realization of the contemporary exhibition dedicated to the 1600 years of Venice in 2021 (the only one in the entire municipal area) , in fact 1600+ is the contemporary art exhibition that stimulates the artists of our time to make their own contribution to art. With this 1602 we want to be culturally active and not just spectators, on the other hand up to now, in these 16 past centuries, we have seen works by great masters that we can still admire in museums, and who knows if in the next 1600 years a future Tiepolo, Canaletto, Giorgione or Bellini among the artists who have the opportunity to express themselves with the 1600+ project. The theme "La Via delle Spezie" refers to the history of the Serenissima Republic: a topic that draws from the past to be reinterpreted in a contemporary key. We have the sculpture "1602" in the lobby of the H10: the 5x2 m polystyrene number decorated with colors and spices -

In fact, all the participating artists create a work from scratch, enriching their colors with spices at will in the mix. Michela Tassetto, general manager of H10 Palazzo Canova, continues: - ... it is a pleasure for us to host and find ourselves in line with a similar initiative, participating with local associations, which in their own small way, carry out identity-building cultural projects with great passion. -

The exhibition begins on March 25, Venice's birthday, with the inauguration by invitation, and ends on April 25 Patron Saint; It remains open to the public for 30 days with free admission and all the works can be consulted via a dedicated QR-code.

The list of participating artists will be announced shortly.

The 10 artists are: Cristina Meotto (Bibione-VE), Nicole Battiston (Portogruaro-VE), Andrea Pagotto (Portogruaro-VE), Valentina Vendrame (Conegliano-TV), Stiven Frare (Conegliano-TV), Agrippino Martello (Sicily) , Lucia Zamburlini (FVG), Giacomo Gerin (FVG), Vanessa Modafferi (FVG) and Michalis Dolapsakis (Crete-GR).

In all, for this 2023 edition, 3 regions and one foreign state are represented: VENETO, FRIULI, SICILY and GREECE.


The entire exhibition features a large sculpture which serves as the title and godmother of the initiative.

The work is a four-digit polystyrene number, 1602, covered with crushed spices. The spices chosen are the main elements that were used both in the culinary and medical fields; hence the importance of the acquired knowledge, which through trade, brought the entire Serenissima Republic to a cultural and social influence, also pushing the transformation and improvement of the habits of the inhabitants of the time.


TITLE: 1602 - the spice route
MATERIAL: Polystyrene
TECHNIQUE: Action Painting, acrylic
DIMENSIONS: 525 x 200 x 30 cm
SPICES: Chopped blend of coriander, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, pepper, nutmeg

AUTHOR: Daniele Cellini

PROP & TECHNICAL: Cristhian "FRED" Djigovic

Locandina orizzontale 6 i CON LOGHI
Presidente NEXT - G.Manager H10


The PONTE 1948 company in support of VENEZIA 1602 which with its wines supports the mission of NEXT Art by contributing to beauty, art and cultural identity.


ELENA CESCA expert in spices and founder of the Format "VIA DELLE SPEZIE" author of the socio-cultural content of VENICE 1602

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We announce the entry of Artemente Gallery which will select an artist to be included in its exhibition spaces. The selected one will be announced on Saturday 25 March on the occasion of the inauguration. The VENEZIA 1602 LA VIA DELLE SPEZIE exhibition will be open every day until 25 April 2023 Patron Saint of Venice at the lobby of H10 Palazzo Canova


Cristina Meotto   Stiven Frare   Pino Martello




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